Connect with nature sailing on the highest lake in the world by kayak.

From Llachón, the limits of Lake Titicaca are closer. Llachón is located on the Capachica peninsula, from there you can continue the adventure towards Amantaní or Taquile. Let yourself be captivated by these beautiful places, sailing on Lake Titicaca on a sailboat or a kayak under the Altiplano sun.


Historia del emprendedor

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What to do?

What services are available?

How to get there?

Option 1
  • By air:from Lima to Juliaca (Puno): 1h30m
  • By land:from Juliaca to Puno: 1h (45 km);
    from Puno to Llachón: 1h45m (75 km)
    Or from Juliaca to Llachón: 1h20m (59 km)
Option 2
  • By air:from Lima to Juliaca (Puno): 1h30m
  • By land:from Juliaca to Puno: 1h (45 km)
  • By water:from the Port of Puno to Llachón: 1h45m (33 Km)



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Asociación Turística Rural Kantuta Llachón
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Asociación Turismo Central Llachón
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Asociación Turismo Rural Comunitario La Florida
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